Live Team Trivia is a two hour competition consisting of four rounds.  Each round consists of 4 categories of 4 questions each plus one audio category of 4 questions and a bonus question (usually a list).  At the end of the final round a final wager question is asked where a team can risk anywhere from ten percent of all points they have acquired throughout the game.  Points are awarded for each question based on the number of teams that correctly answer and the round in which the question occurs.  The fewer teams that correctly answer, the more points those teams receive.  Points also increase in each round.  As each question is asked every team will put their answer on a dry erase board.  Each answer is read out by the host, and the correct answer is given.  In a full four round game the third round would be a theme round of related categories.  Each week the next week’s category will be announced (i.e. television, movies, sports, etc.)  Prizes will be awarded based on what the facility chooses to offer.  Typically prizes are awarded to the top three teams, and a random drawing among the others.  If an ongoing season format is desired prizes can be awarded based on total points, average finish or total weeks won as well. 

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For more information and pricing, contact Heather Lapadat at (612) 799-1872 or


Adam Rubenstein brings over a decade of trivia hosting experience to Live Team Trivia!  Each Show is customized to meet the unique theme of the Evening, Venue and Event! Live Team Trivia is an interactive competition between teams and is excellent entertainment for any occasion.  Live Team Trivia consists of multiple categories, including multi-media questions and is always a good time!

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